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Our motto: "Si vis pacem, para bellum." (If you wish for peace, prepare for war.)

This huge list of free computer security products and services has been compiled over several years and is continuously updated.

The purpose of the list is to provide a comprehensive documentation of the security products available rather than specific recommendations. If you are seeking recommendations then check out our comparative reviews of security products (links to them are shown in the list with ) or view the personal suggestions of the list authors at the end of the list. We also offer free personalized security advice via our Security Wizard.

The products on this list are almost exclusively free with a few exceptions. These include useful products without a free alternative that offer lifetime licenses or products of outstanding merit.

If you are looking for a particular type of product use the index table below to go to the appropriate page. If you simply want to browse the list then click the link at the top of the index to view the list as a single huge page.

Note that in some cases the links in the list point to executables. In such cases replace [dot] with . and the link will work.

We encourage you to use the comments section below to let us know about dead or incorrect links, suggest products that could be added or simply to tell us about your experience with particular products. We really value these suggestions and look carefully at each one. Sometimes this takes a little time but rest assured your comments will be noted.

Disclaimer: We have tried to make sure that all links are legitimate. So in case of a "detection" by your antivirus the most likely explanation is it being a false positive. However, as cybercriminals compromise multitude of web sites daily, we would like to be informed for any potentially malicious links. Some of these programs may also harm your PC if they are misused. You use any of the applications at your own risk.

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